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Your career, your decision!

Are you thinking about what school, faculty, training or course to enrol in? Are you starting your own career and seeking the best opportunities in the labour market? Do you need support in writing a resume or motivation letter? Are you seeking a job, but do not know your strengths and how to present your skills and knowledge to an employer? Do you feel your career is stagnating and are you looking for the best strategy to change this?

Inventiva Centre offers you several opportunities for career development!

Since according to the current concept a career lasts our whole life, we focus on providing support through all ages – to children, youth and adults.

How to choose the best opportunity for yourself?


  • If you enjoy development surrounded by peers with whom you share dilemmas about your future career, the cycle of career guidance and counselling workshops is precisely for you!

  • If you enjoy working on yourself thoroughly and individually, our team is here to support you in this through individual career counselling and professional orientation.

  • If you find it important to acquire a recognized certificate on your knowledge, skills and views that are in demand in the labour market, individual career counselling through work with the Passport of Competences is the right opportunity for this.

Career development opportunities

Career guidance workshops

To best respond to your needs to independently and responsibly manage your career, make good career choices and make important career decisions, our workshops combine a five-phase model of professional orientation and career guidance, a peer approach and always positive energy created through the exchange of experiences with peers facing similar dilemmas.

Career counselling

Going through the career guidance process individually, one-on-one, with the support of professional career councillors, you will develop the knowledge and skills needed to better understand what you want from your career, make decisions regarding your career development, create a career plan and implement your decisions.

Passport of competences

You wish to define your goals and priorities, to review your competences and thus create your personal development plan? You would like to provide added value to all your experience, knowledge and skills gained throughout your life to date?

What is a Passport of competences?

With the support and assistance of certified councillors you fill in a map of the Passport, consisting of several areas of life. Counselling is biographical and consists of a series of interviews and self-evaluation, with the person being counselled having the opportunity to independently, with the support of the adviser, define and evaluate their skills, to review their business and private priorities and goals, and design a plan of further action. The result of this process is a valid certificate of competences. Of particular importance in this process is that the passport, along with the certificate, brings increased self-confidence and awareness of one’s own value and potential.

More on the Network of Activists for the Passport of Competences in Serbia

VIZ&JA programme

Are you looking for an opportunity to gain your first work experience? Do you want to develop and improve your soft skills? To better understand your potential, strengths and weaknesses? Do you like teamwork and cooperation with your peers? Join our team and become part of the Vision! VIZ&JA is a youth programme and peer support for youth for improving their status in the labour market, and support for their personal and professional development. The envisaged activities are implemented in a trimestral cycle, enabling their beneficiaries to acquire directly applicable knowledge and skills, contacts and new acquaintances, real work experience with continuous peer mentorship.

Join us!

Do you wish to make use of one of our career development services? Or perhaps you wish to discuss your options with our councillors?

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