Centre for Professional Development

We facilitate educational and interactive professional development programmes in the following areas:


  • Career management skills: group and individual work, counselling and coaching;
  • Communication skills;
  • Constructive conflict resolution skills, negotiation, mediation;
  • Prevention of violence and gender-based violence;
  • Management and leadership;
  • Development of entrepreneurial skills in school;
  • Training of trainers (ToT);
  • Peer mentorship.

Career management skills development as an institutional service

For professionals, experts in primary and secondary schools, youth offices (YO), civil society organization teams (CSO) and others working or wanting to work in this field.

Training programme for primary and secondary schools

How to establish career guidance and counselling (CGC) and professional orientation (PO) in a primary or secondary school?

The PO and/or CGC team of your school can attend an accredited training for implementing the five-phase model of PO and CGC in your school. After this training the team will have the knowledge and competences to support students in their choice of future education and/or in their transition to the labour market. Particular attention is dedicated to working with the parents of students so that they can provide support to their children in their choice of career. The work applies the inclusive approach and the provision of equal opportunities for all.

The Institution for the Improvement of Education has accredited the following trainings:

  • Career guidance and counselling / from school to work (No. 32 in the Catalogue);
  • Professional orientation in transition to secondary school
    (No. 73 in the Catalogue);
  • Youth empowerment through school/peer mediation (No. 131 in the Catalogue);

Training programme for youth offices and/or civil society organizations

How to establish a CGC in youth offices and civil society organizations?

The team of your YO or CSO receives support in designing and implementing CGC services and programmes.

The basis for the programme consists of diverse peer services intended for unemployed youth and youth in need of career guidance and counseling.

Your team will make it possible for young people to get answers to questions related to career planning and professional choices, to acquire necessary skills and tools, and receive relevant and practical information on the educational system, local labour market and other institutions.

The service is formed in accordance with the needs of youth, as well as the capacities and needs of the specific YO or CSO.

Training programme for youth offices and/or civil society organizations

Virtual Enterprise (VE) – innovative internships for unemployed youth

By establishing a virtual enterprise you provide young people with the opportunity to acquire their first business and entrepreneurial skills, career management and active job-seeking skills, and to improve their employability.

A VE makes it possible for a young person to be involved in a spectrum of diverse activities and development tasks and to use interaction and cooperation with others to identify their own capabilities, interests and competences to manage their career, develop work skills and knowledge necessary for inclusion in the contemporary world of labour, acquire work experience and thus prepare for inclusion in the real labour market.

Our library

Several manuals for primary school teachers, volunteers and coordinators in youth offices, as well as direct beneficiaries of the programmes were produced as a result of years of work in the field of career guidance and counselling.

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