Inventiva Centre

We are a team that believes in personal development and the realization of the potential that lies in all of us.

We have combined our knowledge in a Centre that represents INVENTIVA – a call for a creative, innovative and inventive way of professional and personal development.

Our goal is to nurture an environment conducive to development, where children, youth and adults have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills towards personal and professional self-realization. We believe in life-long learning, therefore our values, approaches and method of work support the development of individuals, teams, and institutions, organizations, and the entire local community. Inventiva Centre is a non-profit, civil society organization established in 2012.

Our centres

Whether you are an individual seeking the best career choice or an organization seeking to develop a good team, our centres provide diverse services, combining professional programmes, professional experience, and a peer approach, all in line with your specific needs.

Centre for Professional Development

Educational programmes and professional development

Career Centre

Professional orientation, career guidance and counselling

Centre for Personal Development

Systematic work and various methods of personal growth and development

We believe in the power of our community‚Äč

Inventiva Centre gathers successful and experienced experts from across Serbia with a sincere desire to contribute to the improvement of educational policy and practice. Our members include teachers, professional associates in primary and secondary schools, psychologists, pedagogues, andragogues, and trainers in various areas. Our professional strengths lie in the field of education, training, communication, employment, and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, Inventiva is nurturing a network of institutions, schools, youth offices and companies supporting our work. We are dedicated to seeking out new and innovative ways to achieve our desired goals, accomplish our mission and share our knowledge with others.

Our projects

We live our values through the projects we implement!

Our knowledge and approach base is the programme of career guidance and counselling and professional orientation. We design and adapt programmes and transfer knowledge for the activation and motivation of youth, and for their employment. Our topics also include alternative conflict resolution, leadership, entrepreneurship in school, etc.

Our key projects have been implemented as part of the German development cooperation as a partner of the German organization for international cooperation, GIZ. These are: Professional Orientation in Serbia (2012-15), Secondary Vocational Education Reform (2015-2019), Youth Employment Promotion (2015-2019), Migration for Development (2018), Creation of opportunities for the employment of vulnerable groups through the improvement of municipal services (2017-2019).

The Centre, in cooperation with local youth offices and with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia, has established Career Info Centres and advanced career guidance services.

We took part in finding responses to the challenges of the migrant crisis in our country.
We provided psycho-social support to children, youth and families of refugees and migrants as part of the project Life-saving assistance for refugees and migrants transiting Serbia, implemented in cooperation with the German civil society organization Kinderberg International e.V., and with support by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.
Outreach mobile support was available as part of the project Assistance on the Road by the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation.

Creation of opportunities for the employment of vulnerable groups through the improvement of municipal services

Our associates and partners

We have cooperated with more than 1300 organizations and institutions in Serbia: primary and secondary schools, universities and faculties, local youth offices, civil society organization, companies, etc. We can say with pride that more than 200,000 children, youth and adults in Serbia have taken part in our activities.

Our partners and donors are:

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